Lucid Safari

Prepare to embark on a wild sonic safari with Lucid Safari, a Brisbane-based Dream-Rock project led by the enigmatic Dan Lewis (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Braedon Hall (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Alex Cremin (Bass), and Nic Ross (Drums). The band seamlessly blends the mesmerizing sounds of psych, the exhilarating rhythms of surf, the raw energy of rock, and the laid-back vibes of reggae. Lucid Safari is a force to be reckoned with.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Brisbane, Lucid Safari has quickly risen to prominence. In October of 2020, they won The Sound Garden's "Battle of the Bands," earning high praise for their distinctive sound. Since then, they have graced the Main Stage at the Inaugural Wynnum Fringe Festival and performed at iconic venues such as The Zoo and The Triffid. Sharing stages with acclaimed artists including Kate Miller-Heidke, Ian Moss and Reece Mastin. Lucid Safari brings the good vibes, immersive grooves, and catchy hooks that have the crowd entranced by their offbeat flow.

Their debut EP "Delirium," released on February 20, 2022, marked a significant milestone in their musical journey. The EP received widespread acclaim, with the track "Always On My Mind" reaching No. 5 on the AMRAP metro charts on March 14, 2022. The first single, "Lady," garnered countless raving reviews from online media outlets and community radio, earning a spot in high rotation on US radio station KXFM. The second single, "Liquid Dreams," made its debut on Double J's "Stir it up with Sarah Howells."

Building on their success, the band released their rock anthem single, "Till The End," in August, 2022, followed by a second single “Waiting For The Sun” accompanying headline shows at Felons Barrell Hall and The Woolly Mammoth.

Beyond their recorded music, Lucid Safari's live performances are a mesmerizing spectacle that leaves audiences spellbound. Dan Lewis commands the stage with soul-stirring vocals and guitar prowess, while Braedon Hall adds his charm and captivating melodies. Alex Cremin's bass grooves and Nic Ross' thunderous drumming create a pulsating heartbeat that resonates deep within your core.

Now, as they prepare to embark on their highly anticipated Australian East Coast tour, Lucid Safari invites you to join them on an unforgettable musical odyssey. Buckle up and surrender to the hypnotic sounds that will enchant your senses, ignite your spirit, and leave you breathless. Let Lucid Safari guide you through a safari unlike anything you've experienced before—a wild adventure where dreams and reality intertwine, and the music becomes your escape. The wild awaits!

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