Band Called Stereo

Stereo originates from the East Coast of Australia and the surf beaches of Byron Bay. Their musical influences range from a deep love of phat jazz and funk to Brit pop, heavy metal and rock. Stereo incorporates these diverse influences into their own original flavour of indie music. 
Stereo had a top 2022 - highlights included being invited to perform stadium gigs Sydney Olympic Park @Pulsealive festival to a crowd of thousands,Wild Card in to perform at Byron Bay Bluesfest, gigs at Byron Beachy, gigs at Byron Music and coming up in Novemeber a tour in Sydney with gigs at SurroundSound and Fututreproof Music.

All of Stereos music is original and vibrant. CInnamons vocals are both honest and multi-layered, with raw lyrics that interpret the world she sees. She combines this with her rhythm guitar and melodies, and leads the band through the stories she writes. Kiarn’s guitar is solid and strong, he brings a sense of funk and groove as he blends his melodies with Stereo’s unique sound. Floyd’s drums drive through each track with urgency and pace, locking in tightly with the bass to form an on point rhythm section. Leo and bass are one connected being. Playing with a fluency beyond his years, Leo’s passion lies in arranging the band to showcase each instrument’s distinct sound. He directs each section of each song to enrich and pull in the listener with frequent low end tones and deeply rich intoxicating mixes.

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